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Every. Single. Element. Has meaning! It’s all steeped in symbolism. Just how we roll 🙂
Want to know what it all means? You’re in the right spot.

h4: hunger 4 … him . hope . healing . help . heaven . home . her
: it’s reclaimed. like these precious women.
gold: these incredible women are more valuable than gold.
turquoise: reminiscent of cleansing water.
purple: the color of royalty. we are daughters of the king!
red: we are on fire to rescue these women. also, color of love.
celestial: god numbers and names the stars. how much greater is his love for us!
necklace form: keep this fight close to our hearts.
shirt: wear this as our armor.
deluxe chain: three-stranded cord isn’t easily broken. god / women / us.